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Therapy 4 The Soul / Safe Haven (TFTS) is a 501 (c) 3, Non-profit Organization, located in the Washington Metropolitan area.

Our 4 key steps to serving, are to rebuild, encourage, strengthen, and transition homeless, needy families and single individuals living in crisis, foster care/group homes, shelters, and on the streets of the DMV areas.

The organization was founded in 2012, by Keana Burrows with the intention of those living in crisis and ready to begin their transition.

Participating members will receive assistance with what's needed to help them begin and continue their transition, such as relationship building, life-skills, resumes, employment search, savings, budgeting, credit, housing, and more, along with daily home cook meals. 

Our initiatives are designed to encourage, empower, motivate, and assist individuals with helping themselves get back on track.

We do not give handouts; we give helping hands.

Therapy 4 The Soul / Safe Haven will be staffed and operate with the assistance of our participating members. Keeping them involved, active, and giving back to the same organization assisting them. Participating members will be able to give back to beginners as they progress, apply and work in one of the stipend initiatives to earn while they learn, show good workmanship, responsibility, reliability, and gain references that they will be able to use when searching for full-time employment.

Encouraging someone else to push through and do the same.

We are your reference.

We realize that everyone's situation is different, participating members will be challenged and pushed beyond their expectations.

Our goal is to assist and encourage participating members to prioritize, plan, earn, maximize their income, save money, and rent with roommates as another resource, instead of depending entirely on government funds and government housing alone.

To accomplish this, we have created ten initiatives,  designed to assist three distinct homeless populations:

(1) Families and Single individuals living in shelters, transitional homes, and crisis situations.

(2) Children and juveniles living in foster care, group homes, shelters.

(3) Homeless individuals living on the streets.

All of our initiatives will contribute to the participant's transition in some way or another, but three of the initiatives will prepare and assist them with becoming self-sufficient. 

Those three initiatives are Family Ties Tuesdays, Moving Through Motivation Mondays, and the Workforce Development and Stipend Initiative, combined these three initiatives can take a maximum of 5 years and a minimum of 1 year.

Participant's completion time depends on them and how hard they push. 

We offer a variety of opportunities to assist with transitioning, including stipend initiatives to our participating members, this will keep them active and prepare them for the working environment.

Our priority is our participating members that push through, step up, and step out to start a new beginning. They will be giving the opportunity to apply for positions of their interest within the organization's workforce stipend initiatives.

We will assist participants with finding full-time employment, either within the organization, partners, or outside companies.

Each time a participating member completes an initiative, a new session starts and accepts new participating members giving them the same opportunities.

We are here to serve you, with dignity and respect!

Let us help you begin your transition.

We will assist them in finding full-time employment, either within the organization, partnerships, or outside companies.

Each time a participating member completes an initiative, a new session starts and accepts new participating members giving them the same opportunities.

We are here to serve you, with dignity and respect!

Let us help you begin your transition.

" Bringing Back The Family Table"

Like many organizations, we provide services to those in need, but what makes us different is our family table and how we relate human to human.   

The love we put into building and bonding around the dinner table, how we add in each member's positive traditions and feedback, allows participating members to understand we are family and there is NO

love like sharing love.

Our Motto: "Family is not just those you were born with, but 

also the people you meet along the 


Donate ​

Today do something different


Give And Give 

From The Heart 

Expecting Nothing In Return.

If you receive a donation flyer prior to making a donation, please inform

 us of the representative listed at the bottom of the flyer.

All Payments are safe and secure through PayPal.

Make sure you give us your email address and/ or mailing  address for your end of the year tax deduction. 

We appreciate your donation and support!

You just gave some

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Please Note: 

Our participating members and their privacy is our first priority, and they reserve the right to share what they choose or don't for the public to see.

If we have not served your shelter, or you are ready to begin your transition please contact is today!